Top Tips for Good Moving Day Etiquette: Movers Speak Up to Say What They Need From Clients to Do Their Jobs Properly

Moving day is usually insanely busy and chaotic. People are everywhere and everyone wants to get things done as fast as possible. If you hired a moving company in the Melbourne area, you should keep a few things in mind. The workers are there to help you move as fast and efficient as possible. They know what they are doing and are quite skilled at it. We often get in the way when trying to help.

We chatted to a few moving companies and movers to hear what their side is like. They gave us a few notes that they wish they could tell people on moving day. See these as some moving day etiquette tips.

Let them do their job. The movers are trained and skilled at packing and moving. It is what they do. We all have opinions and suggestions on how to do things, but they are the professionals. Let them do their job. This will also make things go faster.

Don’t pack things they can’t move. Moving companies have a list of things they cannot move. Medication, jewelry, cash, firearms, and certain flammable liquids cannot be moved by them.

Finish packing. If the moving company is not doing the actual packing, make sure that you have finished packing when they get there. Some companies charge for and insist that they do the packing. This is usually for liability reasons. If you do the packing, have everything ready for when they arrive. This will speed up the process.

Labels. Labeling the boxes helps a lot. Label each box with what is inside as well as where it needs to go on the other side. This helps the movers to put the boxes in the intended rooms which saves space and time. It is also important to very clearly mark any boxes with fragile items. Warn the movers of these boxes as well.

Find Reviews. Look for online reviews on a company on popular review websites like WOMO

Parking. If you are moving to or from an apartment or other house that does not have its own entrance, find out where the moving truck can park. It will make things go sour if the truck gets a fine or the movers get yelled at for parking where they shouldn’t. It is your job to have this information and tell the movers.

Heavy items. It is not a good idea to pack all your heavy things in one large box. It makes it nearly impossible to lift and move. Rather spread it out so the weight is evened out.

Empty drawers. If you are packing, empty all drawers. Many movers will leave the furniture until it is unpacked. This will waste time. Some people suggest keeping light things like clothes in drawers. If you want to do that, secure the items with plastic wrap inside the drawer. Wrap plastic around the outside as well to prevent the drawers from opening.

Be around. Stay out of their way, but be close by to answer questions or clarify things. Don’t take a trip to the store and leave them alone.

Confirm the Booking Make sure you confirm the booking with the removalist the day or evening before your move. It is very common for people to be waiting for the movers to arrive on the scheduled date to find out that the moving company scheduled the wrong day, or did not confirm the booking, and the client is left in the lurch. Visit removalists melbourne review sites to get a feel for the credibility and reliability of a Moving company.

These tips should make moving day run smoothly.

Top Tips for Making an Appraisal Appointment Informative, Friendly, and Successful

House appraisals are needed when you are looking to sell or rent out a house. These appraisals will tell you what the current market value of the property is. The market value is influenced by different things like the area, home improvements, and what other houses in the same area are worth. To help you have a successful appraisal meeting, we have a few tips to share.

Note that the cleanliness, amount, and value of furniture inside, or the new tap in the bathroom, will not raise your appraisal. Appraisers look at the actual house – the building. They pay attention to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage. The appraiser should do an inspection of the inside and the outside of the house. They will note any faults or problems like a sagging roof or damaged foundation.

The following tips will help make the appraisal pleasant and efficient, but will not necessarily raise the value of the appraisal.

Clean up – It is a good idea to have a clean house and yard when the appraiser comes by. This is simply to make sure that they can see all areas and the potential it holds.

Home improvements – If you have done home improvements to the house after you moved in, make a list. Point these out to the appraiser. Home improvements are one of the things that could increase the appraisal value as it increases the value of the home.

Sell your home – There are things about your current house that you love. Point out these things to the appraiser. This could be the large backyard that is good for family gatherings and kids parties. Trees that offer shade or the quiet attic room can also be good selling points.

Do your own research – Do your own comparison of other properties in your area. Give these to the appraiser especially if there is a big difference in their appraisal.

Age of the house – There is a difference between the actual age of a house and the effective age. The actual age refers to the date when it was built. That means it could be 30 years old. Effective age refers to the age it is given after renovations or home improvements. You could have a house with an actual age of 30 and an effective age of 7 years.

Don’t be annoying – Try not to bother the appraiser with too many questions while he or she is doing the inspection. This is annoying and may cause them to miss important things in or around your house. Be close by to answer any questions they may have, but stay out of the way. Once they have completed the inspection, ask all the questions or explain all your concerns. You can ask for an explanation of the final appraisal to have a better understanding.

Follow these tips and you should be ready for the appraiser. Remember to be honest about your house and what you have changed and improved. Compare different appraisals to get an average value.

Finding the Best Moving Company: 9 Important Things You Must Consider when Hiring a Moving Company

Entrusting your valuable belongings to strangers is very difficult. This is one of the reasons why moving is so stressful. When planning a move, you need to do your homework. Moving is a lot of work. You need to start planning and doing research months ahead of the time.

To be sure that you entrust your belongings to the best moving company, you need to do research on different companies. Check reputations, find reviews, and talk to other people who have recently moved. The company that comes up most often with good reviews, is probably the best.

Follow our tips for finding the best moving company to make sure you have peace of mind.

Time in business

Find out how long the company has been in business. The longer they have been in business, the more experience they have. Check their track records to see if they always deliver good service.


Check whether the company is licensed with all the necessary organizations. Moving companies need licenses for different things including moving cross state.


Make sure that the company that you are considering is insured. You don’t want to have a problem in recovering your things when something happens to the truck.


Finding out if a company has won awards or received accolades for their service should be easy. Companies who have won awards and have been praised for good service is probably your best bet.

Online reviews

There are several review sites online these days. You can just Google the company name and ‘reviews’ and you will see what people say about them. This should give you a good idea of whether you want to use them or not.


Contact the company and do some more online research to find out about the company’s rates. Make sure that you know exactly what is included and excluded from the rates. Find out if moving on certain days or during certain seasons will cost less or more.

Details of moving day

Find out how many movers will be at your house. Ask whether they are doing the wrapping and packing or do you need to. Ask for a timeline for moving day. Find out if the company will come and do assessments or estimates on site.

Difficult moves

If you know that there will be difficulty with the move, you need to inform the company and ask If they can handle it. Moving a piano or other awkward furniture can be difficult. Stairs, elevators, and tight corners or small spaces can also make moving difficult. Such moves may need extra movers or specialists.

Questions to you

After all the information that you have gathered, make note whether the company has ever asked you questions. A legit company will have a lot of questions about your move. A lot of information is needed on both sides to make sure a move happens efficiently. If they don’t ask, find someone else. If you are moving from Melbourne to Perth or Brisbane, then consider hiring a specialist mover who is experienced in moving interstate to these cities

Tips to Make Moving Day Easy: Simple Ways to Smooth Out the Process and Reduce the Amount of Stress and Trauma

Moving is like everything else in life – if you plan, it’s easier. Moving is a big thing and a lot of work and planning goes into it. The longer you stayed in your house, the more stuff you have. This makes the work more. Planning and preparing ahead of time makes a huge difference. The process of packing, sorting, changing addresses, looking for new schools, etc. needs to start months before you actually move.

To help you out, here are a few tips for making the process of moving easier.

Start early

Get organized and start early. Start packing a few weeks before moving day. Throw out and clean up as you go. Moving is the ideal time to purge.

Friends or movers

If you need a moving company, you will have to do research and find one well ahead of time. They might not be available when you want to move. For smaller moves, gather some friends and family to help out. Decide when this will happen and ask who is available.


If you are packing yourself, start gathering boxes early on. Ask grocery stores if they have some that you can take. You can also buy special boxes for clothes, packing plates, etc.

Go green

If you would like to make your move more environmentally friendly, minimize your box and bubble wrap use. Rather get some plastic crates or bins that you can use again for storage. Use linens and clothes for padding instead of bubble wrap and paper.

Keep an inventory

List everything you own. Make a list of what is in each box or bin. This way you can notice when something is missing. Numbering boxes also help.


Labels are extremely helpful. Label everything that you pack. Make bright colored stickers to mark where boxes should go. The best moving companies will offer this service for you.

Our final word on the topic is PLAN. That really is the best way to get things done quickly and painlessly. It will be chaos and hard work, but once it’s done, you can start your new chapter.

Moving and Psychology: 4 Ways to Help You Cope and Keep Your Sanity Intact During the Life-Changing Process of Moving House

Moving is one of the most traumatic events that can take place in a person’s life. No matter your age, moving has a huge influence on us emotionally and psychologically. When you are moving from one place to another, it means something is ending and something else is beginning. This could be good or bad. Sorting through things while packing will bring about a flush of memories. It is also a period of dramatic change that you need to face and deal with.

To help you face this difficult but exciting time, we have a few things you can do.

Friends. If you don’t have enough belongings to hire a moving company, call your friends for some support. Ask them to help you pack and pay them with food and drinks. Ask friends to help you pack and keep you company. They are there for support.

Plan. Planning makes everything easier. The more prepared you are, the smoother the process will run and the less stress you will experience. Know where you want what to go in the new place. Know what to pack in your overnight box. Schedule packing for weeks before moving day. All this will help with making the process more tolerable.

Throw out. We often hang on to favorite pieces of clothing or appliances that no longer work. If you have things that you haven’t worn in years or things you haven’t used in years, throw them out. Use moving as a cleansing ritual. Keep the things that are precious and have special memories. Throw out anything that you know will not be worth keeping in the long run.

Treat yourself. Balance out the hard work and frustration by treating yourself. This can mean going to a spa, pigging out on junk food, going to the movies or sleeping in. Whatever it is, do it. It will help keep your sanity intact.

5 Tips for Moving Day: Be Prepared for Your Movers So Things Can Run Smoothly and Quickly

You have probably gone through a whole process of choosing the right moving company. The next step is to make sure that you are ready when they arrive. The more organized you are, the better the day will run. We gathered a few tips that can be helpful in preparing for the big day and the movers.

1. What can be moved and what not – there are certain things that moving companies cannot move for liability and safety reasons. You will have to move things like cash, firearms, and certain other valuables yourself. Paint, household chemicals, and other flammable liquids will also be on the ‘not’ list. Every company has a list of such items.

2. Have a plan for packing – determine if you or the moving company will be packing your things. Some companies include packing in their rates and you will pay regardless of who packs. If you are packing, make sure everything is secured and padded and labeled.

3. Have insurance – make sure that all your belongings are insured. Most moving companies do everything they can to make sure your things are safe. Accidents happen. In the case of an unfortunate event where your things get damaged or lost, have a backup by insuring your belongings.

4. Feed and hydrate the workers – especially in summer. Workers have a timetable and a deadline they have to meet. They often don’t have the time to rest or take a lunch break. Have some bottles of water or energy drinks on hand as well as easy to eat foods. This will keep them going and make them very grateful.

5. Tips – it is good practice to tip the workers who have been slaving away to pack your stuff. Have some cash on hand to tip the workers. $20 per person should do the trick.

With all this in place, you will be ready for the movers to get started. Be kind to them especially if they are doing a good job and working fast and efficient.

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