You have probably gone through a whole process of choosing the right moving company. The next step is to make sure that you are ready when they arrive. The more organized you are, the better the day will run. We gathered a few tips that can be helpful in preparing for the big day and the movers.

1. What can be moved and what not – there are certain things that moving companies cannot move for liability and safety reasons. You will have to move things like cash, firearms, and certain other valuables yourself. Paint, household chemicals, and other flammable liquids will also be on the ‘not’ list. Every company has a list of such items.

2. Have a plan for packing – determine if you or the moving company will be packing your things. Some companies include packing in their rates and you will pay regardless of who packs. If you are packing, make sure everything is secured and padded and labeled.

3. Have insurance – make sure that all your belongings are insured. Most moving companies do everything they can to make sure your things are safe. Accidents happen. In the case of an unfortunate event where your things get damaged or lost, have a backup by insuring your belongings.

4. Feed and hydrate the workers – especially in summer. Workers have a timetable and a deadline they have to meet. They often don’t have the time to rest or take a lunch break. Have some bottles of water or energy drinks on hand as well as easy to eat foods. This will keep them going and make them very grateful.

5. Tips – it is good practice to tip the workers who have been slaving away to pack your stuff. Have some cash on hand to tip the workers. $20 per person should do the trick.

With all this in place, you will be ready for the movers to get started. Be kind to them especially if they are doing a good job and working fast and efficient.

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