Moving day is usually insanely busy and chaotic. People are everywhere and everyone wants to get things done as fast as possible. If you hired a moving company in the Melbourne area, you should keep a few things in mind. The workers are there to help you move as fast and efficient as possible. They know what they are doing and are quite skilled at it. We often get in the way when trying to help.

We chatted to a few moving companies and movers to hear what their side is like. They gave us a few notes that they wish they could tell people on moving day. See these as some moving day etiquette tips.

Let them do their job. The movers are trained and skilled at packing and moving. It is what they do. We all have opinions and suggestions on how to do things, but they are the professionals. Let them do their job. This will also make things go faster.

Don’t pack things they can’t move. Moving companies have a list of things they cannot move. Medication, jewelry, cash, firearms, and certain flammable liquids cannot be moved by them.

Finish packing. If the moving company is not doing the actual packing, make sure that you have finished packing when they get there. Some companies charge for and insist that they do the packing. This is usually for liability reasons. If you do the packing, have everything ready for when they arrive. This will speed up the process.

Labels. Labeling the boxes helps a lot. Label each box with what is inside as well as where it needs to go on the other side. This helps the movers to put the boxes in the intended rooms which saves space and time. It is also important to very clearly mark any boxes with fragile items. Warn the movers of these boxes as well.

Find Reviews. Look for online reviews on a company on popular review websites like WOMO

Parking. If you are moving to or from an apartment or other house that does not have its own entrance, find out where the moving truck can park. It will make things go sour if the truck gets a fine or the movers get yelled at for parking where they shouldn’t. It is your job to have this information and tell the movers.

Heavy items. It is not a good idea to pack all your heavy things in one large box. It makes it nearly impossible to lift and move. Rather spread it out so the weight is evened out.

Empty drawers. If you are packing, empty all drawers. Many movers will leave the furniture until it is unpacked. This will waste time. Some people suggest keeping light things like clothes in drawers. If you want to do that, secure the items with plastic wrap inside the drawer. Wrap plastic around the outside as well to prevent the drawers from opening.

Be around. Stay out of their way, but be close by to answer questions or clarify things. Don’t take a trip to the store and leave them alone.

Confirm the Booking Make sure you confirm the booking with the removalist the day or evening before your move. It is very common for people to be waiting for the movers to arrive on the scheduled date to find out that the moving company scheduled the wrong day, or did not confirm the booking, and the client is left in the lurch. Visit removalists melbourne review sites to get a feel for the credibility and reliability of a Moving company.

These tips should make moving day run smoothly.